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Confucian Wisdom and Virtue Unit for Middle School

This is a teaching unit designed to introduce middle school students to: the teachings of Confucius, the folk literature of China, Japan, Korea,...

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16 Allyson Ey 8/7/12

Movie Review: 1911

This is a review of the Jackie Chan movie: 1911. It was released in coordination with the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution.

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1 Andrew Feldman 1/17/17

Learning about Chinese Culture and History through Children's Literature

utilizing the children's book "Ruby's Wish", students are introduced to Chinese culture and traditions. They listen to the story of a young girl,...

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5 Andrew Feldman 1/18/17

Folk Tales Unit for Elementary

Folk Tales for 5th grade

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4 Ann Marie Kern 11/9/11

Lost Names unit in two parts

Lost Names unit for high school

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2 Ashley Quinn 11/9/11

Buddhism - History, Practice, and Art

Buddhism & Detachment - a Unit Plan

Students will be analyzing primary and secondary sources of Buddhism to understand different...

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1 Aruna Arjunan20 2/10/14

Lost Names - Names & 5 Themes of Geography

Scenes from a Korean Boyhood is a wonderful book about the Japanese invasion and occupation of Korea from the early to mid-20th century. The...

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1 Aruna Arjunan20 2/10/14

Using Contemporary Nonfiction about China to Teach Common Core Writing

This unit includes a variety of short informational articles and a Powerpoint presentation that offer American high school students a look at...

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20 Angela Rufo Singer 1/11/13

PowerPoint to Accompany Tea and the Japanese Tradition of Chanoyu

Selected images to support portions of lessons from Tea and the Japanese Tradition of Chanoyu.

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1 Amy Swartz 4/19/12

Instructional Unit for PRC: 1949-1970 (Red Scarf Girl)

This instructional unit address Chinese history from 1949-1970, focusing on the establishment of the PRC, the Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural...

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1 Amy Swartz 4/19/12

A Cold War unit

Unit on North Korea for high school

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5 Brianne Brown 11/9/11

Ceramics Unit for A Single Shard

Unit for art teachers by Malia Bennett in two files, Trinity Area High School (Pittsburgh site)

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2 Malia Bennett 11/8/11

The Master Puppeteer: Overview

The Master Puppeteer, by Katherine Paterson is filled with action and keeps a reader's attention. providing educators of art, reading, social...

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1 Barbara Greenway 6/17/10

A Unit of Study: The Chinese Provinces, Administration Units and the environs of Hangzhou, China

For Grades 4-6. Includes 5-6, 45-minute sessions for the Chinese Provinces and Administration Units and 5-6, 45-minute sessions for the environs...

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1 William Franklin 5/18/13

Wings of Defeat Film Review & Lesson Plan

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1 Kevin Britton 6/1/10

Lessons for Daisy Comes Home

Submitted by Caitlin Evans, Winchester Thurston School Kindergarten teacher (Pittsburgh)

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2 Caitlin Evans 11/8/11

Cultures Collide

This is a lesson plan by Carla Garfield (2010 NCTA alumnus) that uses this book and other resources. Target grade: 7 for US History course.

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1 Carla Garfield 10/14/10

Curriculum Plan: Wabi Sabi - The Art of Imperfection

Curriculum Unit focused on introducing the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi to Middle School students. This unit will focus on introducing middle...

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1 Christy Knable 9/18/13

Review of Postmen in the Mountains

Father/son adventure through the mountains delivering mail to the local citizens of that particular region.

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1 Clark W. Zimmerman, Jr. 3/29/10

Imperialism and Nationalism in East Asia and S/E Asia 19th century

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1 Candace Slobodnik 5/11/13